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Hello David

Ray King Studio
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Please watch the filmed exploration of Hello David in the "Videos" section of the site.

Viewable from Center City Philadelphia skyscrapers and the Ben Franklin Bridge, “Hello DaviD is a chromatic “lens" sculpture dedicated to the brilliant 18th century Philadelphia astronomer and mathematician, David Rittenhouse.

Inspired by Rittenhouse's scientific experiments into the behavior of light and defraction grating, King dedicated “Hello DaviD in homage to Rittenhouse's spirit. “Among his many accomplishments, which included the discovery of the atmosphere of Venus with a homemade telescope that used natural spider silk, it was his experiments into light and color defraction, using human hair, that paved the way for holography," said King. “His inventions were like works of art."

32' 3" H x 16' W x 3' D / 9.75m x 5m x 1m
Holographic Glass, Stainless Steel